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Guided La Fortuna Waterfall, Swimming Hole and ...
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The 225-ft La Fortuna Waterfall is one of the most-iconic and most-beautiful attractions near the Arenal Volcano. A visit to the base of this waterfall requires hiking down hundreds of well-built, stable stairs, going across a couple of hanging bridges to where you can actually relax in the soothing cool waters down below. And you will certainly work up an appetite on your way back up, so it's the perfect opportunity to join us at the Hunters and Gatherers all you can eat natural buffet right next another of the La Fortuna's stunning attractions: the El Salto Secret Swimming Hole! This is an informative guided tour, but take your time and enjoy your surroundings! This half-day activity takes about 3 hours in total and can be done in the morning or afternoon.

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